Plan Ahead Now, So You Won’t Have Regrets Later!

As we grow older, we should become wiser!  This means that we shouldn’t continue to make the same mistakes over and over again, that we learn from our past so we can avoid the same pitfalls and short-comings that we and others who have been victims can now become achievers!  Through the years, I have not always made the best choices for myself, mostly due to the lack of knowledge and my own ignorance.  But, now I know better and I hope that whoever reads this will take my advice and counsel.

As Christians we endeavor to live our lives in a manner that is pleasing unto God, in spite of our short-comings, our goal on this earth should be to live healthy, productive and prosperous lives. Then why is it, that the majority of the men and women professing Christianity don’t think it’s necessary to be prepared for things that can affect our future well-being?  I believe for most it is that we are not taught how vitally important self-preservation is, and what preventive measures we need to take for our own security.

Fact 1.  We are to prepare ourselves and not be caught off guard by events that can have a lasting impact on our daily and future lives.  I want to ask you these questions and if you answer is NO, then why not?  Do you have a personal whole life or term insurance policy?  Do you have health/medical coverage or insurance? Do you have rental insurance on your apartment or home where you live? 

Fact 2.  If not, you should take the time to invest in your own future by having all of these policies in effect.  (Psalms 107:43)  Whoso is wise, and will observe these things, even they shall understand the lovingkindness of the LORD.

I have heard it said, “I don’t need any insurance because I don’t plan to leave anybody, anything!  They can repossess my home, car and anything cause once I’m gone it won’t matter!”  This is foolish, unwise and extremely selfish for any individual to be so carefree with your life that you don’t make preparation and take necessary precautions to make sure you don’t leave the financial burden and responsibility to others of making sure you have a decent funeral and burial.  It’s an embarrassment and humiliation for family and friends to have to ask for alms and charity to bury someone they cared for, but who didn’t care enough for themselves to set aside provisions by having a life insurance policy to at least cover the expenses involved. 

Fact 3.  (Proverbs 13:22)  A good man leaveth an inheritance to his children’s children: and the wealth of the sinner is laid up for the just.  We are commanded to be doers of God’s Word, yet many Christians don’t have adequate life insurance for their own home-going, much less leave any additional monies to pay off debts that were incurred during their lifetime.  Like the prodigal’s son in Luke 15:13 we squander and waste our monies on material possessions, yet we refuse to provide security for our own lives and that of our immediate household.  We know to do good, but don’t!  Life insurance is affordable, it gets more expensive the older you become, however you just need to find a policy that works for you and your family and like other important bills have it automatically deducted from your bank account monthly so you don’t forget and let it lapse.  You want to have peace of mind, knowing that you made the right choices before you leave this world.

Fact 4.  When I was younger, I only had medical/health insurance when I was working and it was automatically deducted from my paycheck. When I wasn’t employed, I took a risk and didn’t have health insurance for many years and thankfully, I didn’t get sick to the point where I needed surgery!  Oh yes, I did my best to avoid visits to the ER, and Urgent Car for it was definitely expensive without health insurance.  If you are over 50 years old and don’t have health insurance check with AARP website they can provide you with a list of health care options that will work for you.

Fact 5.  Finally, in some States such as Texas you are required to have rental insurance on your apartment prior to you getting the keys for entry.  Private landlords may differ, but it’s still safer to insure your personal belonging from theft, fire, floods, weather related incidents, acts of God, loss and damage.  Having a good home and/or storage rental insurance policy can save you a lot of heartache, and money.  “An ouch of prevention is better than a pound of cure-used to say that it is better and easier to stop a problem, illness, etc., from happening than to stop or correct it after it has started.” Merriam-Webster Dictionary.  Don’t put off what you need to do today, for tomorrow is not promised to no man.  I hope that article has helped you to make the right choices by planning ahead now, so you have no regrets later.

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4 thoughts on “Plan Ahead Now, So You Won’t Have Regrets Later!

    1. Thank you Dianne Crawford for your comment on Plan Ahead Now, So You Won’t Have Regrets Later! on Fresh Manna WordPress, Be sure to use the references and links available in this article.

  1. It is better to be safe rather than sorry for the things we should have in place so that it won’t become a hardship on you and others. Insurance is our back up plan to safeguard us when the unexpected happens

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