Twelve Days of Christmas Day 1, “My Favorite Things to do for Christmas”

As long as I can remember, and that’s quite far back  . . . , I have looked forward to the Christmas Holidays!  As a young child, it was Santa’s coming with his reindeer and presents! When my family comes over, there’s all this great food and desserts to eat!  Best of all no school and, I get to stay up late!  Now as an adult, my list has somewhat changed but I’ve learned to appreciate the Holidays rather than dread them!  I’ve put aside the worry and anxiety of how I’m going to pay bills and buy presents, because I know that’s not why I celebrate Christmas!  I anticipate doing the simple things that make me happy, and when I’m happy it has an impact on anyone who’s around me! 

A nighttime drive-thru to see the beautiful Christmas decorations, lights and nativity scenes is my all time favorite.  I used to walk Downtown Chicago and look in awe at the Macy’s Store Christmas Window Display and, it was spectacular!  Going to the Christmas Parade to see all the floats and entertainers was better than watching on Television!

I now have a choice to decorate the house with or without a live or aluminum tree, it’s whatever I feel like doing. I still love to put out the special ornaments that hold precious memories, stringing the lights and putting the garnishing on the mantle of my fireplace, light the wood and hear it crackle and, then being able to sit back in my recliner with some hot cinnamon tea or apple cider and relax and enjoy the view, brings me deep satisfaction.

Finally, watch Christmas Movies until I fall asleep!  Then go to bed and listen to Christmas carols all night and, I sigh thinking how truly blessed I am to live such a good life!

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