About Apostle Loretta Williams, Editor

As a Teacher and Instructor,  she has been instrumental in training ministers at her own local assembly, and the many ministries that she has been able to network with down through the years.  She is known as a business administrator and assisted pastors and leaders of every denomination; giving sound Biblical principles, reinforcing moral standards, challenging out dated concepts and ideas and enlightening those who have been blessed to receive her knowledge and counsel.  She established The Leadership Training Academy in 2004 for those who desire to enhance and expand their spiritual knowledge, to become more efficient and effective in ministry.
In 2005, she accepted and began to operate as an Apostle, meaning “a sent one.”  God has established her going in, and coming out, and moved her across the nations, her residence and Oasis Worship Center Headquarters are located in Chicago, Illinois and Irving, Texas.  Her latest venture was the establishment of Oasis Interdenominational Ministries Fellowship, (Oasis Ministerial Fellowship) which has National Headquarters in the USA, and newly established International Headquarters in West Africa and God has envisioned her with plans to have Jurisdictions throughout the African Continent and other International Countries.
She has already been invited to establish International Ministries and speak at conferences and train pastors and leaders in the Philippines, India, and Trinidad as well as in her home country The United States of America.

Apostle Loretta Williams has been a minister of the gospel for over 40 years.  She is the Editor in Chief of Oasis World Wide News Publication.

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